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The nightsounds in the wild - Ööhääled

          Here’s the possibility to experience the nature at its most. We are going to hike to the wild forest or a bog where by using all our senses we can really feel as a part of the amazing nature.

          It’s evening time. The sun is setting. It’s time to leave the city behind us. We proceed to a place where actually nobody is waiting for us. The twilight is densifying, the air is decreasing in the temperature, the fog is emerging... The colours around us are changing rapidly in minutes. We are trying to move quietly by keeping our eyes and ears wide open to the sounds and goings on around us.

          By the beginning of the night the nature becomes alive. We expect to meet a beaver, a moose, a deer... Who knows whom we are going to meet? But it only happens when we are lucky enough and are able to move quietly...

          And the sounds in the silence... Can you hear the birds’ chat? Or the sound of the dry twig? Listen to the murmur of the river and the whisper of the forest... In the distance you can hear a wolf howling – is it a lovecall? And the sky above us where the stars are shining or thick clouds are swimming around pushing us down to the earth and the rain keeps falling on us...That’s the real Nature and we have little to say here.

          The trip lasts for about 5-6 hours.
          The price includes: a natureguide service, transport, warm drink. Additional information: comfortable footwear and warm clothing

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