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EHTA - Estonian Health Tourism Agency
Medical Tourism Estonia is a developing concept whereby people from world over visit Estonia for their medical and relaxation needs. Our principles are exclusivity, discretion and professionalism.
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Dental Care in Estonia
Dental clinics in Estonia use modern equipment, including high-frequency digital X-ray systems, with low radiation level, and panorama X-ray.Many clinics have the most modern laser equipment and machines. Dentistry in Estonian is at an advanced methodological level. Currently, in Estonia there are more than 540 dental care institutions and about 1200 dentists. A large number of dentists in Estonia have had the opportunity to develop skills and acquire knowledge by practicing abroad. 
Dental care in Estonia is relatively cheap compared to average European prices.


Eye Care in Estonia
Eye clinics in Estonia provide eye care services for patients with a wide range of eye diseases and visual problems related to eyelids, orbital and nasolacrimal duct or refractive errors. Eye clinics in Estonia have the most modern equipment, including ophthalmic lasers and modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. Often, Estonian ophthalmologist practice in Nordic countries, which helps them to provide high quality ophthalmology care. The prices of eye care in Estonia are competitive compared to average European prices.



Ear, Nose and Throat Care in Estonia





Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery in Estonia

In Estonia, you will find professional medical and aesthetic cosmetic treatments. Estonian plastic surgeons provide high quality cosmetic surgeries, using the latest achievements in medical science, they have high ethical standards. Doctors who have graduated from the plastic reconstructive surgery specialty they have performed more than 450 independent surgeries, which cover 90% of types of plastic surgery.



Cynecology Care in Estonia







Internal Care in Estonia





Diagnostics in Estonia

There is a large number of diagnostic procedures that require modern and complex instrumentation carried out in Estonia. Estonian laboratories are at an advanced level, in terms of quality of the system and instrumentation and methods used. The methodologies are standardized according to international standards, regular quality audits are used. Great emphasis is placed on complementary education of specialists conducting the studies. It is possible to diagnose a wide variety of health problems in Estonia. To perform diagnostic procedures, modern methods and equipment is used, for example fully automated blood cell counting analyzers or OSCAR method for early diagnosis of fetal anomalies. Among other immunoassays the RIA method is used, and the tests of donated blood are automated.

Surgery in Estonia
Surgery clinics and hospitals in Estonia provide a full range of state-of-the-art surgeries. In Estonian clinics’ primary focus is always on constant development, including on implementation of new technologies. Estonian surgery clinics provide surgical help in the case of scheduled and acute surgical, orthopaedic, urological and oncological pathologies, and offer a wide variety of surgeries. Estonian clinics have good contacts with foreign clinics. Several distinguished professors have visited and performed sample operations here. A large number of Estonian surgeons have been practicing in the clinics in Nordic countries. Wide-ranging surgical experience of Estonian practicioners enables to diagnose and treat a large number of surgical diseases.






















































































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